New Election Laws


1. Nonexpired Missouri driver’s license

2. Nonexpired or nonexpiring Missouri nondriver’s license

3. Military ID with photo that is not expired or has no expiration date

4. A U.S. or Missouri-issued document with the voter’s name (matching the most recent signature on their registration record), photo, and an expiration date and isn’t expired (or, if expired, after the date of the most recent general election)


What’s changed under the new law?

· Voters need to bring a photo ID to vote in person absentee (115.277)

· No-excuse absentee voting starts on the second Tuesday before the election (115.277)

· Absentee excuses include a voter is incapacitated or confined on election day and a caretaker residing at the same address, and adds that being a first responder, health care worker, or member of law enforcement are valid reasons to vote absentee (115.277)

· Election authorities need to hand mark or stamp each absentee envelope as it is “received” with the date and time.

· Ban on drop Boxes (115.291)

· No one can solicit a voter into receiving an absentee ballot application and pre-filled absentee ballot applications are prohibited (excluding the permanent absentee list).